CRAFT Engineering has a big wide range of communications and data bases on Egypt providing a high level of project services supplying on the construction and commissioning phases supplying a safety qualified manpower team & equipment on all engineering fields of Civil, Structure, mechanical, lifting ,electrical ,instrumentation and commissioning , but it’s not limited to supplying of material and projects resources.

Our supplying manpower services providing a qualified safety manpower to cover all the construction and maintained fields of:-

  • supply qualified Engineers and high skills Supervisors
  • supply qualified QC/QA Engineers and specialists.
  • supply qualified CIVIL crew
  • supply qualified steel and cladding erection crew
  • supply qualified certified welders for all types of welding ( TIG, MIG,STICK,GAS and Plasma arc welding)
  • supply qualified mechanical fitters and maintenance specialists
  • supply qualified certified riggers and scaffolders  
  • supply qualified Electricians, elec. fitters and instrumentation fitter
  • supply qualified sandblaster and painters
  • supply qualified HVAC fitters
  • supply Qualified heavy equip. operators
  • supply qualified certified mobile crane and tower crane operators
  • supply qualified trained helpers , certified watchers

Our supply service is including and not limited to supply construction equipment and materials:-

  • Supply calibrated Mobile crane from 12 to 400 tons
  • supply calibrated wheels forklift and telescopic forklift capacity from 2.5 to 12 tons
  • supply calibrated Man lift highest range from 12 to 42 ML
  • Supply calibrated scissor lift diesel and electrical for highest range from 4 to 36 ML
  • supply good conditions of diesel welding mach. , 220& 380 V welding machines 250 to 600 Amp.
  • diesel air compressor 8 to 20 bars
  • supply good conditions sandblasting machines and spray airless with hoses and accessories.
  • supply good conditions earthwork equipment ( grader, loader, excavator, dozer, wheel compactor

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